Ocean Master MAX Classic

The Ocean Master MAX Classic umbrella maintains its traditional yet minimalist design, offering durability while preserving classic European tailoring and expanded sun protection capabilities. Featuring the innovative V-MAX™ strut design, reinforced umbrella cover and electronic controls, the Ocean Master MAX Classic combines outstanding stability with understated beauty.

Ocean Master MAX Single Cantilever

Art meets technology in the Ocean Master MAX Cantilever, creating a symphony of light and shade. The polished and corrosion-resistant marine-standard cantilever stringing structure is supported by a robust and – in a nod to sailing yachts – oval-shaped mast. This combination of an extremely sturdy milled aluminum pivot with an automatic telescoping mast makes it easy to close the covering of this traffic light umbrella, even over tables and chairs.

Equinox Cabana – Modular Design

TUUCI Equinox Cabana structures effortlessly transform any patio, swimming pools or outdoor areas into outdoor living spaces. The elegant modular design can be customized with lighting and music on the walls and ceiling. Outdoor spaces have never been so luxurious.

Equinox Cabana – Equipment

Set the mood: important for extending your living room into the outdoors is the right lighting. Our lighting option for the TUUCI Equinox Cabana is available in marine finish, features LED and offers two lights per beam.

Decide on the level of privacy: enjoy your outdoor living space with TUUCI’s weatherproof tuff skin fabrics for the TUUCI Equinox Cabana, available in a wide range of colors and finishes to perfectly match your aesthetic design.

Turn on the power: The TUUCI Equinox Cabana is available with a number of additional features, including a port that allows you to connect or charge your electronic devices via USB.

Equinox Double Chaise Lounge

TUUCI’s exclusive Equinox Double Chaise Lounge combines luxury with durability. Made from 4-inch square aluminum Armor Wall profiles and finished in our various powder coatings or Aluma-TEAK™ design, this remarkable piece is suitable for any office or home decor. Enjoy a good book or get comfortable for a nap. Relaxation has never been so aesthetically pleasing.

Ocean Master Classic Umbrellas

The Ocean Master market style umbrella is the consummate combination of durable construction, elegant profiles and functional shade. Manufactured to boat standards, all Ocean Master umbrellas consist of 100% replaceable parts for easy maintenance and feature a 15/5-year warranty. Classic Beauty. Classic TUUCI.

Ocean Master Classic – Features

Robustly crafted: The Ocean Master collection features a polished aluminum brace mount from TUUCI that is rugged and elegant, adding a «wow» effect to any patio. The optional boat roller tensioning device with automatic lock simplifies the opening and closing of the umbrellas and offers marine-grade sturdiness.

Support on all ends: The Ocean Master collection’s struts are equipped with reinforced tubes effectively distributing load and adding reinforcement. Resin connectors provide self-lubricating, corrosion-resistant strength.

Double stitched: TUUCI’s roof coverings all feature reinforced pocket construction. Ballistic fabrics were used for substantial reinforcement to protect them from wear and damage when the canopy falls to the ground.

Ocean Master MAX Manta

The boundaries of shade architecture have been reset with the Ocean Master MAX umbrella. With its inspiration coming from the depths of the sea, the Manta Max sets off on a wonderful flight over any seascape. No open-air living space has yet experienced the restful comfort of this terrific and imaginative shade platform. Beauty and muscle harmonize in state-of-the-art, open-ocean proven marine components. The Manta Max seeks only to indulge the eye and protect the body with unmatched durability.

Ocean Master MAX ZERO Horizon

Don’t let your view of nature’s beauty be obstructed – with the Ocean Master MAX Zero Horizon umbrella, minimalist design and ultimate shading function come together triumphantly. With optimized overhead shade function, it features virtually no vertical covering profile. So the view of your garden and landscape is always unobstructed with this robust outdoor umbrella. The Zero Horizon MAX stands up to both direct ocean gusts and desert winds without showing a trace of fatigue. Ingeniously simple and generous in shade.

Automated MAX Cantilever – We present: The New TUUCI

TUUCI’s Automated Single and Dual MAX Cantilever redefines shade technology. With our convenient and intuitive control panel, your shade dispenser now works automatically. At the touch of a button, your shade comes to life to provide shade, light and warmth. Its control panel is equipped with smart safety protocols. The next level of intelligent design has been achieved.

Automated MAX Cantilever – Equipment

Intuitive Automation: Our intuitive control panel allows for user-friendly automation of all functions. This allows you to open and close the umbrella and turn on the LED lighting and heaters at the touch of a button.

Shade in a class of its own: TUUCI’s MAX Cantilever sunshades provide up to 45m² of shade. The telescopic pole allows easy opening and closing over tables and chairs.

Lighting: The Ambia LED lighting is directed at the umbrella and distributes soft and even light over the entire surface, so you can enjoy cozy evenings in a pleasant ambience.