100% Outdoor

RODA is a one hundred percent outdoor collection. It heralds a new era in the classic living environment, combining indoor and outdoor. Indoor and outdoor merge in a harmonious formal language and enter into a spatial and conceptual discourse. The RODA philosophy is based on the knowledge that it is possible to design and experience the outdoor area in a similar way to an interior design project, where colors, materials and shapes are committed to the spontaneity of outdoor living and enter into a unique, subtle dialogue with nature.

RODA Mix & Match

RODA Mix & Match is a concept that makes it possible to combine different elements in an aesthetically as well as functionally and formally satisfying way. This is RODA’s response to customer demand for more choice and combination options. The result is a new and comprehensive color palette that allows elements to be freely combined, creating harmony between collections.

Laze lounge chair collection

«The Laze project is designed as a feel-good armchair or rocking chair thanks to its ‹leaf-like› shell. The raised backrest provides support during a conversation or while reading, while the runners turn the armchair into a kind of cradle, perfect for a nap. The optional seat cushion and back cushion add comfort, while the single seat cushion ensures natural heat exchange (ventilation) – ideal for hot summer days.» Gordon Guillaumier, designer of the LAZE collection.

PIPER collection

PIPER is an extensive collection of exclusive outdoor furniture, whose numerous elements make outdoor life more comfortable and attractive. For example, there are sofas for the many sociable guests, a chaise longue for relaxing moments and practical table tops on noble frames. Materials are old acquaintances: lacquered aluminum, sturdy straps and batyline nets. Colors range from sand, blue and orange to a textured rust-colored finish. The comfort provided by the outdoor sofa system and generous recliner continues into the dining area. The extendable outdoor table can be combined with a variety of stackable dining chairs and armchairs, available in a wide range of finishes, in the spirit of Rodolfo Dordoni’s very first pencil designs.

TEKA collection

Designed by Gordon Guillaumier, the TEKA collection plays with the full range of expressions of the noble teak, without losing sight of the natural beauty of the material. The collection is based on a special prismatic geometric construction that gives the product an unheard-of lightness without neglecting solidity. The modular sofas, chairs, armchairs, dining tables and side tables full of character, with a simple, reduced design, live from the interplay between teak and modern outdoor fabrics, as well as from a slatted effect created by glazed or matte porcelain stoneware.

The DANDY sofa system

The DANDY is a revolutionary outdoor seating system that combines all the features and benefits of a classic indoor sofa. Thanks to the versatility of its design, technological innovation and the highest quality of the materials used, RODA is now an important reference brand in the field of high-end outdoor furniture. Versatility, innovation and quality are the common denominators of all collections. DANDY outdoor sofas are characterized by structural lightness and formal rigor – a rigor that runs through the entire modular system.

HARP Collection

The classic laced seat pushes into a new design dimension with HARP outdoor chairs, whether in the form of the seat, sun lounger or bar stool. The polyester cords draw their endless path around lacquered stainless inox steel, creating the characteristic translucent outline. The lightness and airiness of these chic objects is due to filigree lacing technology and craftsmanship of the highest order. The elegant silhouette created in Rodolfo Dordoni’s expert hands makes each piece unique and highly recognizable.