The history

Rimadesio was founded in 1956 in Giussano, Brianza, and is one of the most important companies in this region.
Technical innovation, unique aesthetics and functionality – Rimadesio is in constant growth and employs well over 200 people.

The technology

Aluminum and glass have always been Rimadesio’s main materials. These materials require a high level of expertise and complex technical knowledge and are associated with a continuous industrial investment to unite the latest and most advanced manufacturing technologies.

Care for the detail

Each Rimadesio product is the result of a complex industrial process that guarantees reliability for years. The combination of industrial production and functionality, coupled with customization, is an important constant at Rimadesio and combines with the company’s passion for research and design.

Project offer

Thanks to continuous research, Rimadesio has developed a collection that reflects the mission of the entire company. This is expressed in both residential and public areas: door and sliding door systems, cabinets, dressing, containers and furniture.

Exploration of new materials

Without moving away from the DNA of the company – aluminum and glass – Rimadesio offers unique and exclusive materials. These new finishes are Gress ceramics and laminated glasses with metallic fabric, which make the offer even more current and exclusive.

Result for the environment

Rimadesio has always been characterized by a great commitment to the environment. All aluminum is produced with a 60% recycled content. In compliance with European directives, Rimadesio does not use heavy metals or solvents in the paint, aluminum or glass.