De Sede

The company

Unparalleled attention to detail and outstanding passion for design are behind the de Sede brand. In the manufactory in Klingnau, Aargau, the traditional company produces exclusive upholstered furniture and accessories in the premium segment.
The roots of the former saddlery lie in its many years of experience with high-quality leather. For nearly 60 years, de Sede has been manufacturing products of the highest quality. Excellent craftsmanship paired with exceptional design and the best possible materials provide the foundation for this.

The Nonstop Sofa DS-600

Long-standing classics and innovative design icons are part of the collection of the Swiss premium brand. Probably the most famous de Sede model is the Nonstop Sofa DS-600, which will soon celebrate its 50th anniversary. Numerous prominent appearances – such as at Studio 54 in New York, in James Bond films or in the homes of various rock stars – made the seat snake an icon. The design comes from the Swiss design collective U. Berger, E. Peduzzi Riva, H. Ulrich and K. Vogt.

The design armchair DS-343

The DS-343 is a design armchair that moves with the sitter. The model is based on a patented seating study developed by seating expert and physiotherapist Bart Van der Heyden over the past two decades.
Allowing, even encouraging, changes in posture is the mantra. The chair is not designed with a classic seat that stops at the backrest, but with a seat that extends to the level of the pelvis. If one leans backwards, the back element automatically moves along from pelvic height – without any mechanical effort, just by the changed posture of the sitter. The change in backrest position automatically improves posture. The video on YouTube shows the functions of the DS-343.

The DS-2878 Boxing Glove

The 7:1 scale de Sede Boxing Glove DS-2878 is a re-edition from 1978 and brings the popular sport of boxing into your own home – whether for boxing fans, the young at heart, boxing enthusiasts or lovers of the cult.
The detailed boxing glove image comes, as with the original, with a two-tone cover, the typical folds on the edges as well as a distinctive lacing at the glove opening or the sofa foot end, therefore. Soft de Sede leather and upholstery thought out in detail provide exceptional seating comfort.

The DS-788 dining table

The DS-788 dining table embodies pure indulgence. Instead of table legs, the stone tabletop made of marble, quartz or granite rests on two cheeks made of the same natural raw material. The carefully finished edges and exclusive material make this unique object an extravagant eye-catcher.
DS-788 is available in different selectable lengths and widths. With this flexibility, the table model can stylishly integrate into any setting.

The DS-515 Series

In the DS-515 series, exact straightness plays with sleek lightness. The DS-515 chair models consist of a minimalist metal frame in the shape of a skid, over which a soft leather or fabric cover is pulled like a second skin. The eye-catcher is the backrest, which is designed as a thin, linear bar construction. Unique details, such as a hand-applied cross seam, lend typical de Sede character.
In the table model, a boat-shaped top rests on two airy columns. Inspired by the DS-515 family, the table columns are made of fine, linear steel rods, which lend a transparent, light appearance.

The DS-1000 Lounger

The futuristic DS-1000 recliner is a design masterpiece. Revolutionary, it invites you to a new kind of reclining experience: Due to its intelligent architecture, you lie on it gently springing as if you were floating. DS-1000 brings a sculptural presence. The design features a unique tubular construction in the head and foot areas. Wide, distinctive leather straps encircle the tubes and support a thin reclining surface. This lightweight, quilted mat spans seemingly weightlessly between the head and foot sections.

The leather expertise

The heart of de Sede beats for leather. For generations, the manufactory has distinguished itself with its comprehensive leather expertise. Ernst L├╝thy, the founder of the manufactory, was always particularly concerned that leather remain skin, so that the noble material is not robbed of its natural beauty and functions. With the development of the purely aniline-dyed DS-Original leather in 1964, he succeeded in fulfilling the high demands he placed on furniture leather.