Design that fits!

Relentless in innovation, stable in value in change: furniture from COR embodies living and well-being.

COR was founded in 1954 by Helmut Lübke together with the Prince of Bentheim-Tecklenburg. Since the princely co-founder left in the 1980s, the Lübke family has been the sole owner and managing director. This automatically ensures foresight, commitment and an increased quality standard of the tailor-made furniture.


Sustainability is a key explanation as to why COR is core-healthy and successful. First of all, the climate and the environment benefit from heating with wood waste, which COR uses to fire its own mini power plant. This is because the domestic, renewable raw material wood is significantly more ecological than fossil gas or oil. COR consistently avoids the use of tropical wood, heavy metals and hazardous fuels. The production of solar power on the company’s roofs also has a positive impact on the sustainability balance sheet. And production in Germany – a high-wage country – also pays off in the long term through higher quality, avoided transport costs, longer-lasting products and thus more satisfied customers.

Conseta. New since 1964

In January 1964, a furniture design as simple as it was ingenious saw the light of day – with devastating results. Today CONSETA is one of the sofa classics worldwide. When the world novelty was presented for the first time at the Cologne Furniture Fair in 1964, it achieved a total of two orders. Had the Westphalian Friedrich Wilhelm Möller done something wrong? Hardly, except that he was way ahead of his time with the idea of a holistic upholstered furniture system whose elements could be combined in many ways. The «chameleon» among sofas, a symbol of its changeability, is based on the modular principle. Individual elements such as stools, armchairs or corner pieces can be combined to form two-, three- or multi-seater suites.


«Why choose when you can have the best of both worlds?» the designers at Jehs + Laub asked themselves, and came up with this armchair-like chair with its classy matte shell and removable seat cushions. If the back also wants to spring, you can sit in it almost endlessly at the dining table. Cushion covers in all leathers and fabrics, four frame options and shells in black or white, and custom colors on request, satisfy every taste.

Cordia Lounge armchair leadership position relaxed occupied.

Sitting in the CORDIA LOUNGE armchair is comfortable and casual. This extends the successful model family of chairs, cocktail and conference chairs with a larger, deep lounge chair with gently supported head area and matching stool. A voluminous, padded seat cushion and full-length back cushion provide comfort. The adjustable tilt mechanism (also available electrically) allows for various position changes. The comfortable, soft interior contrasts with the slim seat shell, which gives the armchair its typically elegant silhouette.
Versions in fabric and leather, design: Jehs+Laub

Not loud furniture. Not status furniture. A furniture that blends in.

Looking at what Trio can do, it’s actually hard to think of a piece of seating furniture that fits better into our busy and bustling times. All the more remarkable, then, that Trio actually has a predecessor. In 1972, the designers of the Swiss Team Form AG created the eponymous grandfather of today’s seating furniture. ONE + ONE + ONE = INFINITE: seat element, backrest, corner backrest. These are the three simple elements that make up everything at Trio and make an almost infinite number of variations possible – with just a few simple steps.