Classic Contemporary Design

It is the juxtaposition of classic and contemporary designs that makes the collection so appealing, and so the brand name ClassiCon is also a play on words from Classic and Contemporary Design.

The owner-managed family business from Munich is known for high-quality furniture design that, thanks to its originality and formal perfection, has the potential to look as current decades later as it did on the day it was designed.

In collaboration with international designers and architects, collector’s items are created that can accompany people through their lives – as something reliable and beautiful that is used and appreciated and, in the best case, passed down through generations. Production takes place at small craft enterprises mostly directly in the surrounding area of Munich, but also in Italy.

Designs with a difference: the Eileen Gray collection from ClassiCon.

Born in 1878, the life of the Irish artist spans almost an entire century. Eileen Gray was one of the pioneers of modern design.
Designs such as the Adjustable Table E 1027, the Bibendum Armchair, the Day Bed or the Tube Light, which were created in the period from 1925 – 1927 were groundbreaking and are still contemporary today.

ClassiCon produces and distributes the Eileen Gray collection as the only licensee worldwide of the license holder Aram Designs Ltd, London. We pay respect to the historical significance of these designs through a first-class and absolutely original production.

A classic from 2012: The Bell Table by Sebastian Herkner.

This side table turns the usual handling of materials upside down and surprises our perception: the base of the table becomes a concise, colorful transparent glass form in space, on which a metal body rests. The glass helps the inherently heavy metal to float lightly.

The glass base, traditionally blown into a wooden form, and the pressed metal body create an exciting contrast and yet formally form a harmonious unit reminiscent of the elegant swing of a bell. The Bell Table by Sebastian Herkner is a masterpiece of traditional craftsmanship.

At over 100 years old, the Nymphenburg coat rack by Otto Blümel is far from being old iron.

It is a sign of the highest culture when even everyday utilitarian objects become aesthetic eye-catchers. Otto Blümel’s Nymphenburg coat rack is an archetypal classic of its kind, one that you can imagine in a Parisian bistro as well as in a Salzburg villa. A design classic that stands the test of time, the Nymphenburg is already over 110 years old. Nickel-plated, black nickel-plated or newly powder-coated in black or bronze, it fits perfectly into any ambience.

An ensemble with star qualities:
De Pli table series by Victoria Wilmotte

With the Pli table series, French designer Victoria Wilmotte brings objects
of unusual crystalline elegance and stunning geometry into the living space. The creases and folds, from which Pli takes its name, make the stainless steel base appear almost like an oversized cut gemstone that creates a fascinating play of light refractions and color reflections in the room.

The Pli Table can serve as a representative dining table for up to eight people. In the entrance or foyer, in galleries and stores, it can also be used as a spectacular eye-catcher.

A strong piece of industrial design: the Pallas table by Konstantin Grcic.

Pallas is a table of Overwhelming visual presence. It dominates any room at first glance. And at second glance, it reveals a wealth of exciting design details: creases and notches that break and enliven the smooth lines, visible screw connections on the underside, plus the tactile appeal of the powder-coated metal surface. The proportions are such that, unlike many fashionably extra-wide tables, people sit a little closer to each other. This encourages table conversation and makes Pallas a natural communication hub.

Like a soap bubble, the Selene hanging lamp by Sandra Lindner floats in space.

Each ball of the Selene lamp series is handmade and mouth-blown. A process that has not changed over centuries and requires great masterful skill. There are reflections and movements in the glass,
which give Selene its special brilliance and liveliness. A simple cylindrical socket changes the character of the lamp through different materials. Hung alone or as a group in different sizes, Selene offers great design freedom.

Brazilian lifestyle for your home: the Euvira rocking chair by Jader Almeida.

Euvira is reminiscent of the designs of the great Brazilian masters of design of the sixties and seventies. At the same time, with its precisely formulated shapes, it is an expression of contemporary design. Although it offers the comfort of a wide rocking chair, it looks airy and elegant from all sides thanks to the finely drawn lines and the tapering of backrests and runners towards the center. With cord upholstery, a fascinating graphic interplay of lines is created. With fabric or leather upholstery, the look of an elegant club chair is created.