Carefully selected collections

With our carefully selected collections, we keep our promise of exquisite design, lasting quality and European craftsmanship. These collections feature products with precise proportions, understated forms and natural materiality.


Our passion is to create better worlds. In every project, we implement the personal life ideas of our customers and the products used are individualised according to your wishes. This gives the overall concept tailored to you its uniqueness.

Our Minotti Concept Store, is unique. It shows you this wonderful brand with its unmistakable lifestyle in an extended context.



Our outdoor collection extends your living space in form, line and proportions. By carefully selecting and matching products to your style and aesthetic requirements, we create a seamless indoor-outdoor visual experience.



Selecting the best products and matching them with each other is crucial to maximising room aesthetics.

Our lighting designers combine the highest design competence with professional delivery.



The carefully assembled selection of fabrics allows a unique choice of colors, textures and production techniques to create exceptional and individual spaces.

Each collection is handpicked by our professional team.



Our portfolio of exquisite wallpapers allows us to realise the full potential of spaces. Available is a wide range of materials, colours, textures and production techniques.

The collections reflect our uncompromising commitment to design, quality, service and sustainability.



Our carpet collections offer exclusive variations of woven, tufted or hand-knotted carpets in the best quality. From a selection of ready-made designs to motifs developed specifically for the customer, we work closely with designers to make your dream of a textile work of art come true. Our partners are specialized in the high art of knotting. Carpets are made knot by knot in a traditional process, which has been transmitted and taught from generation to generation, in several months of meticulous work, in compliance with ethical standards and environmentally friendly aspects.



Unique objects and accessories enrich and emphasize every room. Our range of accessories offers exclusive designs, collaborations with renowned designers and inspiration from our own team.



Zingg-Lamprecht has also earned its excellent reputation through its carefully compiled supplier portfolio. All the products we carry meet the highest design and quality standards. Without exception, we only use originals from exclusive brands.

Our close, collaborative partnership with selected brand partners allows you to access a portfolio of products that showcases the best options on the market.

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Interior design

Our client advisors and interior designers inspire, conceptualise and develop highly individualised space solutions. We perfectly understand how function, application, lighting, colour and texture work together with other design elements to create distinctive spaces. Our highly trained designers and interior architects inspire, conceptualise, develop and work with our clients to realise their dream project.

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Every project is a unique, wonderful experience. We source and curate collections from the best manufacturers, designers, artists and craftsmen. These underpin our aesthetic and reflect the refined standards we have upheld for decades.

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